Predictive Solutions (PS)

Utilize data analysis as an effective tool to discover knowledge that enables you to improve activities, support decision making in business, research, and education.

Your Data Our Analytics

Predictive Solutions (PS)

Your Data Our Analytics

Utilize data analysis as an effective tool to enhance efficiency and support decision making.

Product Overview

Why Predictive Solutions?

Data analysis is often associated with the notions of big data, business intelligence, data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive analysis, etc. Predictive Solutions perceives data analysis as an effective tool to support our clients in enhancing their efficiency. By using it, we discover knowledge that enables us to improve activities and support decision making in business, public administration, research, and education.


Intuitive Interface

Prepare and analyze data with an easy-to-use interface without having to write code.

Flexible Licensing

Choose from purchase options including subscription and traditional licenses.

Boost Productivity

Prepare and analyze data with an easy-to-use interface without having to write code.

Special Offer Packages Available

Connect with our solutions team and get premium service and special offers tailored to your needs at no additional cost

PS Products


An integrated tool for the implementation of tasks in the field of statistical data analysis, reporting, automatic data processing, or Business Intelligence.


A comprehensive solution for data collection and analysis that gives the possibility to conduct research using various research techniques, such as CATI, CAWI, PAPI, CAPI or MOBI.


A modern data mining and big data analysis environment with a multi-functional interface that facilitates process and group work management utilizing a wide range of prediction algorithms, including data science and machine learning to solve complex problems.


A solution that provides support for the full AML risk assessment process - from assessing a new customer, through meeting the requirements for increased customer identification and verification, handling sanction lists and PEP (politically exposed persons), cyclical customer assessment and transaction monitoring.

PS Fraud

A solution with a combination of expert knowledge and advanced data analysis allows the user to increment considerably the number of detected fraud cases. The use of AI and data mining algorithms makes it possible to identify unusual events, and improve the effectiveness of red flag rules.

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