A analytical engine based on IBM SPSS Statistics that provides access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set of procedures used to prepare, analyse and visualise results.

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The Comprehensive Analytical and Reporting Solution

Product Overview


PS IMAGO PRO is an integrated tool for the implementation of tasks in the field of statistical data analysis, reporting, automatic data processing, or Business Intelligence. It combines the IBM SPSS Statistics analytical engine with proprietary tools for creating reports and publishing results. With this holistic approach, PS IMAGO PRO users can complete the whole process of data analysis in one friendly environment.


Universal Data Analysis Standards

PS IMAGO PRO allows the user to perform both basic and advanced statistical analyses. It is an intuitive and user-friendly software, with enormous capabilities ranging from basic descriptive statistics to advanced modeling and machine learning techniques.

Attractive Data Visualization

Clear tables and graphs make results interpretation easy. PS IMAGO PRO contains a rich set of basic and custom charts as well as attractive visualizations. It also offers a wide range of dashboards designed specifically to support decision-making processes based on KPI implementation.

Extensive Analytical Capabilities

Apart from a set of statistical techniques, the PS IMAGO PRO user receives several dozen unique procedures that respond to the needs of analysts. They allow to significantly accelerate the process of data preparation as well as facilitate and deepen the analysis by means of visualization or predictor selection techniques.

Secure Publication of Reports

Reports can be published in the cloud, without any additional IT resources involved. This ensures access to the data and current reports from anywhere in the world on an ongoing basis, with observance of the company’s security policy.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Efficient distribution and automatic updates of information are crucial in the effective operation of Business Intelligence solutions. All tasks from data acquisition to analysis, report preparation and publication of results can be carried out fully automatically – on request or based on a schedule.

Integrated Research Platform

Survey data analysis is one of the most popular applications of statistical software packages. PS IMAGO PRO is integrated with the PS QUAESTIO PRO research platform, which extends the possibilities of controlling the process of data collection, partial analyses or building the report structure at an early stage of the research.

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Flexible Data Import

PS IMAGO PRO provides convenient access to data from various sources, such as spreadsheets, text files or databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB@, etc.). It also allows data sets to be merged by adding observations or variables. Commands can be used to connect up to 50 datasets at a time.

Data Management

PS IMAGO Pro allows the organization of data to be freely changed through numerous available transformation and the aggregation function. The program allow user data gaps to be defines, stores attributes, file descriptions, comments and metadata.

Statistical Description

PS IMAGO PRO contains numerous tools dedicated to data mining. It offers a wide range of statistical description methods e.g. frequency tables, cross tables, flexible user tables, OLAP cubes, statistical tests, etc. The user is provided with tables as well as analytical and presentation charts.


PS IMAGO PRO users can prepare interactive reports based on containers which analytical objects are placed in. They can add comments, titles, descriptions, footers or subpages with detailed information to the objects. It can be available online  or downloading as an HTML document, as appropriate during business presentations.

Advanced Algorithms

PS IMAGO PRO offers a wide range of techniques for multidimensional statistical data analysis i.e predictive procedures, grouping procedures or classification procedures.  It also offers dimensional reduction techniques that allow the user to identify hidden variables, analyze correlation patterns or construct perceptual maps.

Presentation of Results

PS IMAGO PRO enables presentation of analysis results in the form of tables, maps and charts. The user has full control of the tables content, appearance and description of reports. It also has a wide range of graphs an non-standard visualization features.

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