A comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for data collection and analysis, based on UNICOM Intelligence and SPSS Statistics.

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The integrated questionnaire survey environment.

Product Overview


PS QUAESTIO PRO is a comprehensive solution for data collection and analysis. The program gives the possibility to conduct research using various research techniques, such as CATI, CAWI, PAPI, CAPI or MOBI. The user has the possibility to control the research process, this includes: verifying the correctness of the entered data, managing the sample selection, generating e-mailing campaigns, etc. The collected data can be analyzed using PS IMAGO PRO (the extended version of IBM SPSS Statistics), which provides access to many analytical techniques and data management tools. Based on the collected data, PS QUEASTIO PRO allows the user to quickly prepare attractive reports in the form of dashboards or printed reports.


Easy to use

PS QUAESTIO PRO allows the user to efficiently create complex surveys with numerous transition rules, access to multimedia files and data validation. A powerful wizard allows the user to make the surveys attractive graphically.

Systems Integration

Possibility of conducting the research using data from external systems – e.g. use in real time of information about events determining participation in the study, or the content of the questions asked. Providing full data exchange security.

Efficient Use of Data

The use of different techniques (CAWI, MOBI, CAPI and CATI) to collect data helps to better match the communication channel to the target group and increase response rates. A wide range of tools allows the user to monitor the research process, take mass actions towards the persons who have not taken part in the survey, and create automatic reports.

Web and Text Reports

The results of the survey can be adjusted to the needs of customers. The user can use a web report (.html), which is available to authorized recipients. The objects in the report can be automatically updated. The results may also be presented in a document (.docx .pdf), which, when printed, may be part of the documentation.

Inbuilt Data Analysis

The data collected can be analyzed immediately after the end of the survey. The range of available statistical techniques goes beyond exploratory analysis. It covers a wide range of statistical tests, strengths of measures of association, classification and segmentation techniques as well as prediction. The results can be presented in the form of charts as well as on maps.

Online Distribution of Reports

A web report is the fastest way to publish results. It is available from the browser level for all authorized recipients. In the case of cyclical reports, they can be executed automatically as part of the process. In this case, after generating a scheduled report, the system can send a notification to selected users.

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Easily Design and Launch Surveys

PS QUAESTIO PRO is equiped with an intuitive graphical interface that gives the user the ability to design visually attractive survey questionnaires and forms. The system gives the possibility to immediately start the process of collecting responses while maintaining maximum efficiency and quality of collected data.

Conduct Research with Off-Line Techniques.

PS QUAESTIO PRO includes solutions for offline research (CAPI and PAPI). The system is equipped with a number of solutions facilitating direct interviews, including a clear interface for entering answers and a module for recording selected interview fragments. It also has a mechanism for validation and coding of questionnaire questions from paper interviews.

Universal Multilingual Questionnaires

Once prepared, a questionnaire can be used many times in different language versions and in any form of implementation – as an online survey, a telephone interview, or a paper questionnaire. The tools available on PS QUAESTIO PRO to facilitate the transition of questionnaires and their preparation for the survey are helpful in this respect.

Automated Survey Distribution

Defining mailing campaigns to respondents on the basis of selected criteria. PS QUAESTIO PRO allows the user to plan and send invitations and reminders according to the schedule. It is also possible to personalize the content on the basis of information contained in the database of the participants – this creates an impression of direct contact, increasing the response rate.

Automation of Repetitive Processes

The possibility of permanent access to up-to-date reports is crucial for the efficient operation of any company. Until now, updating such a report required objects to b re-created and exported to IBM SPSS Statistics. Now, thanks to the available functionality, the process of updating and publishing ad hoc and cyclical reports  (e.g.quarterly ones) is automated.

Survey Progress Reporting

Real-time access to a set of statistics and diagnostic charts for any research project, which can also be viewed on Android and iOS mobile devices. An analysis of the survey progress report can be helpful in determining when to send a reminder to participants about the survey, at which question the respondent most often drops out of the survey, or how long it takes to complete the survey.

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