Achieve adaptive synthetic voice protection to create a layer of defense within any voice communication channel.

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Your Data Our Analytics

Achieve adaptive synthetic voice protection to create a layer of defense within any voice communication channel

Product Overview

Why xSentinel?

With technological advances making it nearly impossible for humans to tell whether a voice is real or digitally generated, organizations need systems of their own to provide a line of defense against bad actors attempting to defraud their business. xSentinel, part of our AI.X family of deepfake defense solutions, uses patented technology to indicate if a voice is likely synthetic, minimizing fraud.

xSentinel leverages AI-powered synthetic voice detection tools built into its system to keep pace with the latest developments of the AI technology and the ever-challenging fraud landscape. By deploying strong models of machine learning that continuously adjust and improve detection patterns, xSentinel proves an efficient tool in combating fraud attempts in real time.

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Key Features & Benefits

Early fraud detection

xSentinel sits at the point of entry for calls, providing an early and accurate signal as to whether the audio has been synthetically generated.

Futureproof with AI

The xSentinel algorithm keeps pace with the changing fraud landscape through machine learning, continually adjusting to potential new threats.

Plug and protect

A standalone service that integrates into any voice communication platform, xSentinel drops into existing workflows with little to no extra hardware/software investment.

Real-time analysis

xSentinel analyzes incoming calls as they stream in real time, giving results to your agents within seconds so they can take any necessary steps quickly and confidently.

No added friction

With no enrollment or guided action required, xSentinel can go to work protecting your business immediately without inconveniencing your customers.

Universally functional

xSentinel analyzes technical aspects of the audio, not the voice or what is being said, eliminating any barriers that could be created by language or dialect, making it a globally effective tool.

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