Enabling organizations worldwide to easily and accurately proof, verify, authenticate, and secure identities across the customer lifecycle.

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Your Data Our Analytics

Enabling organizations worldwide to easily and accurately proof, verify, authenticate, and secure identities across the customer lifecycle.

Product Overview

Why xProof?

Virtually eliminate ID fraud during onboarding with identity verification (IDV) that leverages patented, AI-driven technology for fast, accurate, automated document verification and biometric face matching. Enhanced by advanced presentation attack detection (PAD) and photo watchlist matching capabilities, xProof minimizes friction and maximizes security and compliance. xProof gives you everything you need to securely know your customer anytime, from anywhere.

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Key Features & Benefits

Onboarding made easy

Scan an ID document, NFC chip, or verifiable credential. Snap a selfie. Done. xProof helps minimize abandonment rates, improve customer satisfaction, and increase accessibility.

Industry-leading document verification

Fully automated testing of ID documents against multiple, patented verification checks ensure the document is real, valid, and unaltered—in seconds—with moderated review also available.

Technology you can trust

xProof has been tested to meet all of the requirements set forth in the NIST IAL2 technical guidelines for identity verification as well as TDIF and DIATF compliance standards.

Maximum presentation attack defense

From iBeta tested ISO 30107-3 Level 1 and 2-compliant liveness detection to third-party validated protection against injection, 3D artifacts, and more, xProof offers industry leading PAD.

Out-of-the-box compliance

The remote identity verification and 1:N customer and photo watchlist matching capabilities of xProof help to ensure that your organization meets AML/KYC compliance standards.

True cross-channel support

Functionality across mobile, web, kiosk, and even on-site channels allows your organization to onboard customers from wherever they are—all into a central, single ID system.

International reach

xProof is capable of processing ID documents from nearly every sovereign entity in the world, letting you onboard new customers no matter where your organization, or the customer, is.

Customer transparency

Over 20 data points are available for capture during the document verification process, giving you the information you need to build customer profiles and cross-check form entries.

Complete Identity Continuity

Integrate with Daon’s family of solutions for process/rules orchestration and seamless, cross-channel, multi-factor authentication of secure, singular identities across applications.

Identity verification and beyond

Biometric templates created during the onboarding process can be stored, with consent, for future authentication and account recovery.

Built for flexibility and growth

xProof can be deployed as SaaS or hosted on premise or in the cloud to meet individual business requirements and provide maximum scalability.

Our technology — Your brand

By integrating into your existing applications, xProof gives you brand control, ensuring that your customers experience a seamless interaction.

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