Highly secure, application-native Facial Biometric Authentication.

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Your Data Our Analytics

Highly secure, application-native Facial Biometric Authentication.

Product Overview

Why xFace?

Our biometric facial authentication is designed to provide maximum security, meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, and provide step-up authentication for high-value transactions that surpasses on-device biometrics. Built on proprietary Daon algorithms, driven by AI/ML technology, and secured against presentation attacks, xFace provides optimum protection from identity fraud while keeping customers happy with the ease of use inherent in face biometrics.

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Key Features & Benefits

Proven accuracy

NIST certified biometric matching accuracy via FRVT for 1:1 and 1:N identification that is powered by AI.

Advanced anti-spoofing technology

The liveness detection leveraged by xFace is tested by iBeta to ISO 30107-3 Level 1 and Level 2 compliance for passive liveness.

Flexible and highly scalable

You choose your configuration: deployed on-premise or in the cloud; matching on-server or on-device; then, scale to hundreds of authentications per second.

True cross-channel support

Authenticate across mobile, web, and even in-person channels with a single technology. xFace can even be initiated on mobile devices by a contact center for step-up authentication.

Full user journey transparency

Full visibility into and control of matching probabilities, giving you the power to manage pass/fail rules and balance security with user experience.

Simplified recovery

Server-based biometrics can be used to authenticate from any device, which allows organizations to simplify registration and recovery with a reliable facial match.

Transaction Data Signing (TDS)

Generate digital signatures that are unique to each transaction based on a data confirmation action on a customer’s mobile device, signed by a private key for maximum transaction security.

Invisible multi-factor

A signature using a private key on the customer’s device, passed using FIDO messaging standards, provides PSD2 SCA and NIST AAL2 compliant multi-factor authentication that is transparent to your customer.

Multi-system push authentication

Apply xFace security to existing systems leveraging built-in SDK capability to push an authentication request to a customer’s mobile app.

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