Turnitin Originality

The new standard in academic integrity

Keep integrity at the core of all student work.

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Turnitin Originality

Your Data Our Analytics

The new standard in academic integrity

Keep integrity at the core of all student work.

Product Overview

Why Turnitin Originality?

Turnitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps students become better writers by facilitating personalized feedback.

Turnitin Originality is designed to help educators detect and deter academic misconduct in its various forms – contract cheating, copy/paste, student collusion, research misconduct, and code similarity tools.

Turnitin’s software takes what a student submits and we compare it to a massive database of content, including internet, academic, and student paper content, and we look for similarities



Educator Insights

Empower educators with insight and set students up for success

Plagiarism Detection

Best-in-class plagiarism detection, now with more coverage

Formative Learning

Guide students to higher-quality academic writing

Special Offer Packages Available

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Vast academic database

Turnitin database consists of 20+ billion webppages, 250+million studentspapers and 110+ million academic books and publications.

Translated matching

Turnitin is the only solution that identifies unoriginal content that has been translated from English into other languages.

Spot trends with A class

Instructors can quickly scan the entire list of color-coded similarity scores to see if trends exist within a particular class.

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