Decrease fraud and lower friction by unifying identity proofing and verification.

Fast. Flexible. Global.

Your Data Our Analytics


Your Data Our Analytics

Decrease fraud and lower friction by unifying identity proofing and verification.

Fast. Flexible. Global.

Product Overview

Why TrustX?

Our cloud-native, SaaS-based Identity Continuity platform revolutionizes the way you manage your customer’s digital identity journey. From IDV to authentication to recovery, TrustX® gives you every tool you need to create secure, custom processes – like drag-and-drop orchestration and built-in reporting – and you won’t need a development team to do it.

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Key Features & Benefits

Orchestration layer

Create new or edit pre-defined, best practice workflows via no-code, drag-and-drop functionality. An optimized rules engine and real-time testing give you the tools and knowledge to make process adjustments on the fly – all with no development required.

Identity Continuity

Get rid of friction forever. Seamless, cross-channel integration between IDV and authentication, leveraging facial biometrics and a single user record, simplifies your internal processes and creates less friction for your customers.

SaaS hosting model

Enjoy fast deployment customized to fit your organization’s process and compliance/data sovereignty requirements. Lower your IT overhead, get continual software updates, and access facial watchlist support, all in a platform designed to grow with your organization.

Global reach

TrustX is designed to operate globally, not locally, with a focus on compliance, enabling control over the geographic region in which data is processed and stored and the management of identities across multiple regions.

Built-in reporting

Know every aspect of your customer’s identity journey with the workflow analytics dashboard. Leverage the insights derived from visibility, ranging from global benchmarks to individual, customer-level data, to optimize your processes.


Customize built-in best practice workflows or build your own from Daon and third-party components; then, apply your brand. TrustX is built to conform to the individual needs of your organization.

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