Modern Data Mining and Big Data Analysis Environment.

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Your Data Our Analytics

Modern Data Mining and Big Data Analysis Environment.

Product Overview


Modern data mining and big data analysis environment. The multifunctional interface facilitates process and group work management. This flexible solution allows any already collected data to be used and predictive analyses to be easily integrated with the organization’s business processes. A wide range of prediction algorithms, including data science and machine learning, is available to solve complex problems. Built-in Python integration further enhances the range of possibilities.


Real Time Solution

Distribution and implementation of results, evaluations, or recommendations recorded in databases can be carried out in real time through operating systems.

Flexible Solution

The architecture of the solution allows for flexible adaptation to the requirements of the organization and integration of predictive analyses within businesses and internal systems.

Automated Process Handling

Modern process automation does not only include prediction model training, but also extended types of automatic triggers, completion status notifications, and launch history logging.

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Integration with R and Python

Extension nodes allow libraries to be used and you can create your
own procedures based on R and Python language (Spark). Script implementation is easily achieved by dragging and dropping your creation to your own node interface adjusted to the script requirements so that everybody can use it.

Analytical Process Management

PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a tool adapted to the requirements of CRISP-DM – a verified data mining project methodology. It offers a clear and transparent presentation of the analysis process and its documentation.

Group and Team Management

With its built-in analytical repository, PS CLEMENTINE PRO allows for centralized management of analytical processes. It has functionalities allowing for diverse user-based access. The solution structures and streamlines work in an excellent manner, in terms of organizing, storing, and sharing analytical content.

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