Built to provide identity verification from desktop to mobile; how, where and by what preferred device at any time.

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Your Data Our Analytics

Built to provide identity verification from desktop to mobile; how, where and by what preferred device at any time.

Product Overview

Why IdentityX?

 IdentityX is now a 5th generation hosted identity management platform that supports all of Daon’s identity verification and authentication applications across multiple channels. Navigate compliance, mitigate fraud with 3rd party identity checks, and KYC easier and more seamlessly than ever before – even when you augment existing infrastructure.


Instant digital trust

IdentityX allows you to treat each customer like the individual they are by tailoring solutions to fit their needs and wants.

Cross-channel onboarding

IdentityX allows modern users seamlessly browse across multiple devices and channels, from desktop to mobile to call center and back again.

Full security and compliance

IdentityX is specifically designed to operate both on-premise or in a private cloud to support internal requirements or external regulations.

Identity Continuity

Seamless integration between IDV and authentication across all channels simplifies your internal processes and creates a better user experience for your customers.

3rd party identity checks

Meet even higher levels of trust with our seamless snap-in connectors to external data sources (like Experian and AAMVA) for a multi-layered security posture.


IdentityX supplements existing CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) offerings and can augment your organization’s existing security/fraud protection applications.

Special Offer Packages Available

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FIDO Mobile Authentication

IdentityX can provide FIDO authenticators for fingerprint, face, voice, PIN/passcode, pattern, eye, palm, and silent (device authentication).

FIDO2 Web Auth on a Mobile

Biometric authentication is managed via a FIDO-enabled Web App that runs within a FIDO-enabled browser on the end user’s mobile device.

FIDO2 Web Auth on a PC

Biometric authentication performed via a FIDO-enabled Web App runs within a FIDO-enabled browser on the end user’s PC.

Selfie Capture

The IdentityX Face and FIDO Client SDKs support local face quality assessment as well as liveness detection on a mobile device.

Voice Capture

The IdentityX Voice and FIDO Client SDKs are used to perform client-side quality assessment and ASR (automatic speech recognition).

Mobile Document Capture

IdentityX support the capture of a proof of identity document, photograph and liveness check of an Onboarding applicant.

Web Auth and Onboarding Capabilities

IdentityX is a FIDO-certified server offering FIDO UAF and FIDO2 registration and authentication.

Call Center Capabilities

IdentityX Voice Gateway Services allow a user’s voice print to be registered in IdentityX through a phone call and then be authenticated in IdentityX against the registered voice print.

IdentityX Admin Console

The IdentityX Admin Console allows organizations to manage identities and perform common administrative functions, to support business security objectives.

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