Identity Verification & Authentication for any customer, anywhere.  Build instant digital trust and KYC across channels and time zones in minutes, not hours.


Your Data Our Analytics


Your Data Our Analytics

Identity Verification & Authentication for any customer, anywhere.  Build instant digital trust and KYC across channels and time zones in minutes, not hours.

Product Overview

Why Daon?

As business interactions move online at an exponential pace, users must rely on proxies, from passwords to devices, to prove who they are — even when these methods are infamous for being not only cumbersome, but far from secure.

We believe every person deserves convenient and secure access to financial, telecom, government, healthcare, and other services. Our goal is to make that possible by bringing the human being back into every identity transaction, helping businesses trust that their customers are exactly who they claim to be and allowing customers to feel confident that their data is protected while still enjoying an accessible user experience.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our solutions are designed to be customized to specific use cases, so that each of our customers can minimize fraud while providing the optimum user experience at each point of connection.

In House = In Control

With Daon Labs, our internal science and engineering team, we are able to build the platforms and applications that work well with numerous third-party applications while ensuring our core functionality remains as that.

Vast Experience

With nearly a quarter-century’s experience in building biometric identity solutions, you can count on Daon to give you not just a solution, but the right solution.

Special Offer Packages Available

Connect with our solutions team and get premium service and special offers tailored to your needs at no additional cost

Daon Products


A 5th generation hosted identity management platform that supports all of Daon’s identity verification and authentication applications across multiple channels.


Fast, flexible, low-overhead SaaS-based platform for identity verification and authentication, featuring no-code, drag-and-drop orchestration.


Multi-factor authentication that offers a choice of factors for customers to build authentication processes that meet their business needs.


Highly-secure, server-based authentication for organizations that need to protect high-value data or meet specific regulatory standards.


Advanced identity verification with innovative anti-spoofing to allow for secure, confident onboarding of anyone, anywhere.


Low-friction authentication for mitigating fraud in contact centers and at voice-based access points to sensitive information.


Real-time, language and dialect agnostic analysis of incoming calls to detect synthetic audio on any voice communication platform.


Augment existing travel carrier apps with the ability to process documents and immigration requirements for online check-in.

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