"Data is the new oil"- Clive Humby

Predictive Analytical Resources Limited

We have been supporting our clients in enhancing their effiency with data analysis for over 20 years. Formerly SPSS East Africa Limited now PARL,  we help our customers use data and analytical resources to make the best decisions.

We provide qualitative solutions, quantitative solutions, data collection, risks analytics, resources for data mining, predictive analysis, big data, business intelligence and statistical data analysis.

What we do

  • We build specialist IT solutions that utilise predictive technologies in selected areas, for example: customer relationship management (CRM), anti money laundering (AML), fraud detection, debt collection, and survey research and data collection.
  • We build, implement, and integrate dedicated IT solutions that use analytical SPSS technologies in our clients’ IT environments.
  • We provide consulting services in the area of data analysis and collection.
    We provide training on the use of data analysis in business, public administration, research, and education and health sector.

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