PS FRAUD – an integrated system for detecting and preventing fraud in credit products, tax, insurance, employment, payment cards, and transactions. In addition, PS FRAUD STRUŚ and PS FRAUD SADA are implementations of PS FRAUD to prevent fraud in medical services and drug reimbursement developed using our experience with Polish National Health Fund.

PS FRAUD consists of:

  • An analytical subsystem based on PS CLEMENTINE PRO:
    • Predefined data processing processes and predictive models, which facilitate quick business results
    • Fraud risk analysis:
      • identification of atypical events
      • drafting and verification of business rules
      • test and verification of predictive models
      • system calibration
    • Identifies suspicious cases and registers them in a case management subsystem
  • A case management subsystem based on PS SYMOBIS:
    • Supports operational handling of high fraud risk cases, from registering, controlling, and processing, to resolution
    • Ensures auditability of the process and cases
    • Facilitates management reports
    • Registers results of suspicious case verification in an analytical subsystem in order to improve business rules and predictive models

PS FRAUD can be integrated with an institution’s existing IT environment both in terms of on-line monitoring and periodic processes.

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