PS ACRM – a solution that uses predictive technologies to increase effectiveness of marketing and sales. By using analyses of customer data, behaviour, and relation with the company, the system facilitates:

  • increasing income by maximising cross-sell and up-sell efficiency
  • limiting customer churn by selecting the right offer and early identification of a threat of leaving
  • maximisation of effectiveness of marketing campaigns by precise targeting
  • the optimum use of customer base by offering the right product to the right person
  • increasing effectiveness of customer relations by using various customer segmentation strategies (by value, product, activity, etc.)
  • improving company portfolio by understanding customer preferences and expectations
  • taking advantage of all sales opportunities, in particular effective use of ‘passive contacts’ with customers who did not give the marketing consent by implementing the “Next Best Offer” strategy
  • maximisation of the chance of customer contact by analytical selection of the contact channel

For selected business verticals, PS ACRM has predefined data structures, handling processes and predictive models which facilitate quick business results. The factual content of the solution can be adapted to your conditions during implementation. Additionally, the system empowers analysts to conduct analyses and construct predictive models on their own.

PS ACRM can be integrated with your business processes and IT environment and provide analytical support for your CRM activities both on-line and with off-line analyses.


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