PS AML – an integrated system that provides support to institutions as regards effective antimoney laundering compliance.

Implementation of PS AML facilitates:

  • Compliance with requirements of:
    • The Act of 25 June 2009 on preventing the bringing into financial circulation any asset values originating from illegal or undisclosed sources and on preventing financing of terrorism
    • The Third AML Directive of the European Union
  • Significant AML compliance cost reduction
  • Minimisation of impact of AML processes on business processes
  • Significant reduction of AML team workload
  • Full monitoring of AML processes
  • Management reports

PS AML consists of:

  • an analytical subsystem based on PS CLEMENTINE PRO:
    • carries out money laundering risk analysis:
      • new customer risk analysis
      • current customer risk analysis
      • transaction monitoring
    • identifies suspicious cases and registers them in a case management subsystem
    • supports the application of financial security measures
  • a case management subsystem based on PS SYMOBIS:
    • supports the process of verification of suspicious cases from opening and classifying a new case, to its completion and archiving
    • ensures auditability of the process and cases
    • facilitates management reports

PS AML can be completely integrated with an institution’s IT environment both in terms of on-line monitoring and periodic processes.



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