PS SYMOBIS – a universal Case Management System. The flexible architecture of this solution facilitates adaptation to handle cases within many business processes. PS SYMOBIS supports all functions necessary for efficient case management, including:

  • Cases – creation (manual or automatic for example via predictive selecting systems), categorisation, assigning, prioritisation, assigning status, closure
  • Case handling result feedback record (e.g. for scoring)
  • Tasks – creation, assignment, reminders
  • Investigations – special tasks related to a case
  • Users – groups, privileges, substitutions
  • Notifications – new alerts, change of owner, closure, delays
  • Document and form templates
  • Case monitoring and management reporting
  • Closed case archive
  • Integration with organisation’s IT infrastructure
  • The system facilitates case documentation and ensures auditability of cases and processes.
  • PS SYMOBIS is an ideal platform for managing cases in the following areas: fraud identification, anti money laundering, support for document circulation in organisation, complaint handling, and technical support services.
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