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Data is present in every domain of human activity. Data analysis is useful almost everywhere. It is often associated with the notions of big data, business intelligence, data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive analysis, etc. Predictive Solutions perceives data analysis as an effective tool to support our clients in enhancing their efficiency. By using it, we discover knowledge that enables us to improve activities and support decision making in business, public administration, research, and education.


  • Software


    Today, data processing is part of everyday life for organisations in virtually every sector. Therefore, it is important to have tools to collect and analyse data and make results available to recipients to allow them to act efficiently and effectively. Predictive Solutions uses world renowned IBM SPSS components to create solutions that address the needs of users and institutions. Based on clients’ comments and our own experience, we produce solutions that elevate usability and functionality to a new level.

  • Solutions


    Data analysis provides knowledge that supports decision-making and streamlines operations in various business sectors. Due to its specific nature and unique challenges, each sector requires not only knowledge but also dedicated solutions in the form of models, scenarios, business knowledge, operating and management systems. At Predictive Solutions we build our own, comprehensive applications and systems for selected sectors that are based on the IBM SPSS product family. They include: fraud detection, customer relationship management, case management, marketing campaign support, anti-money laundering, and debt collection.

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