The decisions that drive your business should be rooted in analytics, not instinct. In automating those decisions, you’re not only easing the burden of manual rework, you’re also establishing consistency. Promoting efficiency. And enabling smart business moves based on sound information.


Automate operational decisions.
Apply the power of analytics and business rules directly where operational decisions are made. Decisions are informed by analytical models and governed by business rules jointly engineered by business and IT. That means every move is calculated, precise and based on fact.

Develop once, deploy anywhere.
Manual work and recoding are the enemies of efficiency. SAS Decision Manager generates the entire code path – including necessary business rules – residing in context of the analytical models. So IT won’t have to reassemble decision flows for batch or real-time deployment, or piece together code for testing.

Work from a shared environment.
A common decision-authoring and deployment environment keeps both business and IT on the same playing field. Analysts select data and models from existing repositories, plus business rules and terminology can be defined in context.

Carefully manage – and track – decisions.
Automated decisions don’t mean you forgo control. SAS Decision Manager helps you assess progress, make modifications and test continuity in a shared environment. A natively integrated application on a single framework enables you to trace activities, so you can meet governance and policy compliance.

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