Customer-centered decisions. Meaningful customer experiences.
Craft contextual customer interactions based on insights gleaned from big data and analytics. Measure and optimize the customer experience in both the digital and physical worlds. And link customer-driven strategies to your business goals. Built on the most comprehensive marketing technology platform available today, SAS Customer Intelligence solutions solve the most critical challenges that modern marketers face.

Better strategy. Better operations. And >300% ROI.
Manage marketing programs – start to finish – with the only marketing operations solution backed by powerful predictive analytics and complete data management capabilities. With SAS, you can:

  •     Get programs to market faster. Streamline marketing processes so you can spend more time on lucrative program activities. And achieve greater consistency, efficiency and effectiveness across all functions.
  • Link marketing strategy and performance. Demonstrate marketing’s value as a profitable growth engine by aligning your marketing processes with the customer journey. This includes collaborative planning, allocation, budgeting and program execution.
  • Significantly reduce complexity and costs in marketing. Foster greater collaboration and accountability across multiple departments, functions and external partners by eliminating inefficiencies and duplication of effort.
  • Track performance throughout the customer journey. Gain complete visibility into how marketing is performing at every step along the way. From your digital advertising to your omnichannel customer interactions, you’ll know what’s working – and what isn’t.
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