Get advanced statistical analysis, reporting and high-impact visuals – all from one vendor, all in one package. This comprehensive offering includes three of our most popular products: Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH.


Integrate data and meet compliance mandates.
SAS software integrates into virtually any computing environment, so you can unify your computing efforts and get a single view of your data. Analysts are freed to focus on analysis rather than data issues. Then, produce repeatable code that's easily documented and verified for compliance.

Analysis, reporting and visualization. One vendor.
Why piece together niche software packages from different vendors? A consolidated vendor portfolio reduces the costs of licensing, maintenance, training and support, and ensures that consistent information is available across the enterprise.

Use innovative statistical techniques.
SAS statistical procedures are constantly being updated to reflect the latest advances in statistical methodology. And technical support is provided by experienced master's- and doctorate-level statisticians who deliver a level of service and knowledge not often found with other software vendors.

Easily create graphics and reports.
Build analytical-style graphs, maps and charts with any style of output that's needed. Easily create reports in standard office formats such as RTFs, PDFs, PowerPoint, HTML and e-books that can be read on the iPad® and iPhone®. Deliver analytic results where they can be used the most.

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