1.Cognos Insight
Create custom dashboards and applications on the desktop
IBM® Cognos® Insight is a personal analytics solution that empowers users to independently explore, analyze, visualize and share data without relying on IT for assistance. In minutes, analysts and line-of-business managers can create and share custom applications, dashboards and visualizations to help solve individual and workgroup challenges.

IBM Cognos Insight delivers outstanding data interactivity, analysis and visualization capabilities to individual desktop users.

  • Import, merge and analyze data on your desktop, including personal files, historical business intelligence, databases and more.
  • Build custom dashboards and applications without scripting to see data in a way that makes sense to you and your business.
  • Optimize outcomes through what-if analysis on the fly, without being connected to a server.
  • Create compelling visualizations to help you deliver insights in the most meaningful and understandable way for your role or organization.
  • Share applications independantly or have your work published to a Cognos server to support collaboration and action at the team or enterprise level.

2.IBM Cognos Express
IBM Cognos Express delivers the reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford. This scalable, preconfigured solution can help you discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimizing demands on your IT staff.

-IBM® Cognos® Express Reporter
IBM® Cognos® Express Reporter provides complete self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities for workgroups and midsize businesses. It empowers users to access, modify and create reports quickly and easily, no matter where or how they choose to work.
With Cognos Express Reporter, you can make informed decisions while reducing the time and cost of sharing information throughout your organization.

  • Flexibility—create reports that combine information from different sources and meet the needs of various users.
  • Ease of use—any user, from novice to expert, can access this software using a web browser for self-service reporting.
  • Broader access to insights — equip all users with timely information to make informed decisions, regardless of location.


  • Delivers broad report coverage to meet the needs of different users. Includes financial, production, operational, managed and ad hoc reports.
  • Allows users to write once and publish reports to the web, PDF files, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, email messages and the Cognos Express Web portal.
  • Provides access to corporate data in any combination, including relational, analytical or desktop applications.


Ease of use

  • Provides a consistent view of information, allowing users to work with the same accurate data.
  • Simple drag-and-drop authoring capabilities enable any user to create and modify reports without assistance.
  • Offers interactive dashboards, which can be shared to support collaborative feedback.
  • A common, shared interface makes it easy to maintain and update reports throughout their lifecycle.


Broader access to insights

  • Provides an interactive analytics experience for workers who need to browse and explore data offline using their PC or Apple iPad.
  • Permits users to access and interact with report and dashboard content whether or not they are connected to the business intelligence (BI) network.
  • Enables report creation in 22 languages so the entire business can benefit from new insights.


3.IBM® Cognos® Express Advisor
Analysis and visualization software to improve midsize business outcomes
IBM® Cognos® Express Advisor translates data into sophisticated analysis with rich visual presentations. In minutes, analysts and business managers can create and share customized applications, dashboards and visualizations to help solve individual and workgroup challenges.
Cognos Express Advisor provides the capabilities midsize organizations need to answer business questions at the speed they require.

  • Create high impact visual presentations—use simple and intuitive tools to communicate analytic results in the most meaningful way for decision making.
  • Analyze complex data—quickly spot emerging trends and answer essential business questions.
  • Deliver key insights throughout your company—use intuitive web-based dashboards and interactive reports to gain insight into the business.


Create high impact visual presentations

  • Control the appearance of analysis and add visual appeal by choosing from a rich set of chart types and pre-defined design themes.
  • Drill up or drill down for quick analysis of key areas such as customers, and geographies.
  • Combine multiple views in a single screen or dashboard to create interactive overviews of important business information.
  • Analyze key areas such as products or channels, and compare them based on other factors such as regions, customers and time.


Analyze complex data

  • An in-memory analytics server quickly connects to local files, databases, trusted business intelligence (BI) reports and predictive data sources and creates a multidimensional view of your business.
  • "What-if" analysis models best-case, worst-case and most-likely outcomes based on key business drivers. Exception highlighting enables users to compare and demonstrate variances in data at a glance.
  • Ad hoc analysis of any combination of data eliminates the need for IT staff to model and build custom cubes and dimensions.
  • Advanced and custom rules provide the flexibility to automatically perform comparisons or calculations.


Deliver key insights throughout your company

  • An intuitive web-based interface provides self-service access to analytics.
  • Users can go from raw data to analysis and a published dashboard in as little as 60 seconds.
  • The ability to not only read data but change values in the 64-bit in-memory cube enables users to revise plans.
  • Plans, forecasts and budgets can be modified to align resources in support of business decisions.


4.Cognos Express Xcelerator
IBM® Cognos® Express Xcelerator extends the familiar Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with an in-memory analytics engine. It is designed to provide multidimensional business analysis and optimization to midsize companies.
With Cognos Express Xcelerator, you gain better insight to make the most of your business opportunities.

  • Builds on your investment in Excel while overcoming the risks and limitations of spreadsheet processes. Centrally manages data, business hierarchies, rules and calculations to eliminate data silos.
  • Delivers what-if modeling for more accurate results when building and testing business scenarios.
  • Provides new levels of insight to optimize your business, improve accountability and increase profits.


5.Cognos Express Planner
IBM® Cognos® Express Planner is planning, budgeting and forecasting software designed for midsize companies. It transforms planning processes, enabling users to react quickly to changing business conditions and to grow the business.
Cognos Express Planner replaces manual planning processes with automated daily, weekly or monthly planning tools using the latest data.

  • Streamlines information gathering, aggregation and analysis for continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Provides an intuitive planning environment that combines a managed workflow with analysis for improved business agility.
  • Delivers advanced features such as filtering, role-based security and audit trails


6. Cognos Enterprise
Powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management
IBM® Cognos® Enterprise is a business intelligence (BI) and performance management solution that combines the capabilities of Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Insight and Cognos TM1®. With Cognos Enterprise, users in your business and finance organizations can assemble information that helps them understand your business, share insights with colleagues and act on findings to drive your business forward. The central management helps your IT department more easily deploy and manage your analytics content.

7.Cognos Enterprise capabilities
Cognos Enterprise provides capabilities that are designed to arm users in your organization with what they need to take insight to action. They can support how people in your organization choose to work with consistent information wherever they go:

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